The Future of Communications


Session Overview

The Managing Director of The Monkeys (Accenture), Matthew Michael discusses the future of communications beyond 2020.

Matthew suggests communications won’t change a lot, with the core purpose and function remaining consistent. The core principles of how to craft captivating and engaging messages are a constant.

However, Matthew says it is still important to look out for upcoming trends around crafting engaging messages. Matthew looks at four different themes of communications to explore how it will change into the future: how we can be interesting, how we can be interested, leveraging culture and how we can be real-time.

Matthew uses popular and well-known examples in communications, advertising and branding to shine a light on how each of the four areas of communications will change over time.

Matthew suggests that future communications and marketing must focus on the experience of the brand’s end user.

After watching this video, you will:

  • Understand where communications and marketing are going beyond 2020.
  • Get inspiration from well-known brands that you can use in your own organisation.
  • Analyse and pull apart the advertising that you see on television and social media.

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