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10 July, 2018Content Communication, Strategic Communication, Tips, , , , , , , , , Jess Bauer

The Ultimate 10 Step Content Creation Checklist for Government Communications

Your website is one of the first places people will look for information about your government department or agency. It represents who you are, what you value and gives insight into what you can offer to your audience. Recently, we condu...

19 June, 2018Content Communication, Government, Media Literacy, Social Media, Strategic Communication, , , , , Admin

The Digital News Report: Australia 2018 in review

One of the great perks of working in government communications here in Canberra is access to the latest innovations and research on the Australian media and communications landscape. Recently some of our team attended the launch of Unive...

31 October, 2017Strategic Communication, , , , , , , , , , , donovan

Five requirements for effective leadership, according to Paul Maddison

Paul Maddison, currently the Canadian High Commissioner to Australia, has undertaken many new challenges throughout a 40-year career. After diligently working his way up the ranks of the Canadian Navy, he was appointed Commander of the R...

17 October, 2017Content Communication, Government, Social Media, Strategic Communication, , , , , , , , , , , Geoff Fisher

Authenticity, government and social media

Those of us who’ve worked in government communications for any length of time have probably had a conversation with someone from Business Area X that started something like “I want to do 12 Facebook posts to tell people about this th...

16 October, 2017Content Communication, Strategic Communication, , , , , , , , , , , , aagam

The three R’s of recycling content

Recycle, Re-purpose and Refresh The internet is an insatiable beast; and trying to continually feed it fresh content is an exhausting challenge. The smart content marketer knows just how crucial it is to get the most out of every piece o...

10 October, 2017Content Communication, Government, Strategic Communication, , , , , , , , , Admin

Communication challenges governments, globally

My career started with both communication and government. At the age of 25, I had a completely different idea about my job, and I had utterly no idea about how challenging communicating on behalf of government would be. I began at the Cz...

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