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We started out small in 1997, but today we’re a growing, dynamic team of professionals with diverse skill sets and big dreams

Our Mission

To help government and the public sector strengthen communities and improve the well-being of citizens through effective content communication.

Our Story

Our Team

For two decades, contentgroup has been helping its clients tell stories, influence change and strengthen communities.

We have utilised our expertise in traditional fields such as journalism and public relations to ensure that our clients’ messages are clear and honest, and that they’re communicated accurately and in line with their overall business objectives.

Now that social media has permanently altered the way citizens consume and engage with news, it’s more important than ever that governments really listen. The days of simply “broadcasting” a message or story are over. Photo sharing, vlogging, live streaming and real-time news updates have taken their place.

contentgroup is here to assist clients in navigating this new environment and using it to the benefit of communities everywhere. Engaging content – whether written, spoken or filmed – is essential for clients in communicating with audiences, in increasing trust in their message, and in influencing lasting change.

It’s content communication for the betterment of our world.

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