Social Media Best Practice in 2020

with Amanda Dennett


Session Overview  

In this video, Amanda Dennettwho has vast experience in communication and digital strategy talks about her research and findings regarding social media best practice in 2020. Amanda’s well-structured presentation is a learning masterclass of what to do when integrating social media into your communications team. 

Amanda reveals the five skills of most value to social media teams and how you can improve upon each of these. Additionally, Amanda provides her four top pieces of advice for establishing a social media team that is successful – including the importance of risk management and establishing clear goals. 

This video will provide you important recommendations that you can implement in the workplace from day one to improve how you and your team interact with social media. 

After watching this video, you will:

  1. Understand the risks and barriers to the implementation of social media. 
  2. Learn what social media skills will make you invaluable. 
  3. Appreciate the growing importance of social media in communications. 

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