Building Better: Innovation in Government


Session Overview: 

In this session from the 2020 GovComms Festival, we hear from Kerry Sheehan, the Chair of the Artificial Intelligence in PR team at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

Kerry discusses how the UK Government has been using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and why we need to be using AI more in the communications profession. Kerry examines specific cases of where AI has been used by the UK Government.

Kerry explores the importance of data and data analysis to communications professionals, as well as where AI fits in to the data story.

Kerry discusses the interaction between AI and the media. She explains how AI will change the media relations in the coming future. She looks at the use of ‘robo reporters’ that are becoming more and more common.

Kerry also lists and explains some of the risks of AI – from deep fakes to platform manipulation. However, according to Kerry, the opportunities that AI provides communications professionals are immense. The communications profession should try to get the best out of AI.

After watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the UK Government has utilized AI over the past years.
  • Appreciate and identify the risks of AI to communicators.
  • Understand how data and AI can be used to the benefit of the communications profession.

Please note that this is a recording of a live presentation.

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