The Equilibrium Man Challenge: A Model for Collaborative Campaigning


Session Overview: 

In this engaging mini-documentary case study, the Principal Consultant of Praxis Communications, Michael Parker, discusses the Equilibrium Man Challenge, a campaign run by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency in collaboration with Praxis Communications.

The Equilibrium Man Challenge was designed to encourage men to embrace flexible work arrangements, for the benefit of both men and women.

The campaign pre-empted the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced large chunks of the Australian workforce to work from home.

The Equilibrium Man Challenge represents a perfect case study of how communication and stakeholder engagement can be used to affect real change. The campaign received extensive coverage in the media and on social media, as well as help from over forty organisations that helped to promote the campaign.

In this video, you will hear from Michael, as well as many individuals who directly engaged and benefited from the campaign.

After watching this video, you will:

  • Understand a best practice example of a behaviour change campaign.
  • See the benefit of using entertainment, technology and digital mediums within your own initiatives and campaigns.
  • Understand an effective model for public-private collaboration, through the lens of a successful and proven example.

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