Big picture impacts of COVID-19 on facilitation, innovation, and communications

Panel discussion with Nick Housego, Helen Bailey and Jamie Nicholls


Session Overview

Nick Housego facilitates a conversation with Helen Bailey and Jamie Nicholls. The three talk about the advancement of innovation in crisis management for public servants in Australia.

On this panel are the following communication professionals: 

  • Nick Housego, Specialist Facilitator, Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 
  • Helen Bailey, Innovation Manger, Public Sector Innovation Network 
  • Jamie Nicholls, Industry Engagement Officer, Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment 

With most interactions moving to a digital space, the panel sheds light on the advantages this brings, including a reduced barrier for citizens and team members to interact in future engagements.

Helen also discusses the eighteen different case studies conducted during the past few months of COVID-19, specifically recalling the case study on ‘people’s connection with teams while working remotely’.  Jamie brings his facilitation expertise to the conversation with findings on improving group conversations by using different video conferencing tools.

Finally, Helen and Jamie reflect on innovation experiments, case studies and changes carried out in the public sector so far to cope with the crisis. Going forward, identifying the practices that can be adapted to better support the citizens of Australia and the global community will be key.

After watching this video, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the new adaptations and old practices for the innovation and facilitation space with ‘new normal’ of COVID-19.
  2. Understand opportunities for global partnerships to improve knowledge sharing within the communities
  3. Gain knowledge on team interactions using digital platform

1 thought on “Big picture impacts of COVID-19 on facilitation, innovation, and communications”

  1. Thank you Jamie, Helen and Nick for sharing your experience in the virtual world as a facilitator. Your talk also greatly benefits the audience/participants of the virtual world.

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