‘Smart Trade Mark’: Helping Tackle a $2.8 Trillion Problem


Session Overview

In this presentation, Director General of IP Australia, Michael Schwager, discusses a new Federal Government initiative – ‘Smart Trade Mark’ – and how it has been implemented so far.

‘Smart Trade Mark’ is a new way of authenticating merchandise online. It was developed to tackle the USD 2.8 trillion worth of counterfeit goods currently being traded on the global market. Not only do these counterfeit goods have a negative impact on authentic traders, but they are estimated to put 5.4 million jobs at risk over the next two years.

‘Smart Trade Mark’ has already seen success by partnering with the National Rugby League in Australia, and in this talk Michael reveals key insights about how best to choose a strategic partner and get more out of communicating with customers.

Michael explains some of the key steps of the ‘Smart Trade Mark’ project. He illustrates the importance of data and how you can improve a campaign with political support. Overall, this is an excellent case study in how to tackle communication for a new project.

After watching this video, you will:

  1. Learn how to choose a strategic partner.
  2. Appreciate the importance of a political influence upon your campaigns.
  3. Understand how to communicate with your customer base effectively.

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