Communication Technology and Citizen Customers: Who’s Driving? Where and Why?


Session Overview

Brant Trim, Co-founder of Codifynd, talks about using the importance of the communications function and its growing role in the digital age. Technology has brought customers closer to government and organisations than ever before, so implementing effective communications strategies is vital.

Brant advocates the greater use of communications teams in an organisation and government, arguing they are the essential piece of the puzzle. Selling an image of why an organisation is doing something should be an exclusively communications role and this narrative is critical to citizen approval. Using technology to portray this brand, Brant argues, would be more effective if it came from the communications team. He concludes that communications technology is better when communications teams are at the top of the chain.

After watching this video, you will:

  • Understand the growing importance of communications technology.
  • Learn from case studies about communications technology being used effectively.
  • Appreciate the significance of narrative to an organisation.

Please note that this is a recording of a live presentation.

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