What do citizens want to hear from government?


Session Overview: 

Brian Lee-Archer is the Managing Director within the Government and Health Industry Practice at Accenture. Brian has over 30 years’ experience working with government and in this presentation, Brian explores what citizens want from government.

Brian discusses the challenges that Government faces in attending to the needs of the public. He explains the Paradox of Collaboration, the Paradox of Trust and the Paradox of Innovation. Brian suggests that our demands on government are often contradictory.

Government must balance innovating without appearing too risky. It must deliver personalised services that leverage digital data, without violating the public’s privacy.

Brian discusses the public’s interest in privacy and data, as well as the data lifecycle in social policy. He explains why Government should adopt a ‘digitalisation mindset’.

Brian proposes that government embraces risk as a natural and inevitable element of communications and policy making. He suggests that communications should address risk and give the public confidence that risks are being managed. By doing this, the government can improve and create trust which will be returned as social capital.

After watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key tensions between the public’s demands on government, and the countervailing risks associated with those demands.
  • Embrace risk as an inevitable factor in communications, and learn to use the public mitigation of risk as a communications tool.
  • Use technology, data and digitalisation within your communications framework as a tool for building trust and social capital.

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