What’s Going On, What Does It Mean, and What Should We Do About It?


Session Overview

In this panel, our guests, led by host Adam Rowland from Kantar, explore the strategic issues affecting the public sector in our current pandemic context. Reflecting on what is going on all around us, the panel examines the strengths and weaknesses of government communication methods so far and what we can use going forward.

Presenting on this panel are:

  • Adam Rowland, National Director of Federal Government at Kantar Public
  • Rosemary Deininger, Agricultural Policy Group at the Australian Department of Agricultural, Water and the Environment
  • Gill Savage, Policy Strategy and Governance at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute
  • Michelle Harrison, Chief Executive at Kantar Public

The current COVID-19 crisis has led to enormous efforts by the public sector to improve communication with citizens. Our panelists take a look at a number of good examples of cooperation and collaboration. Drawing on key principles that they have seen from around the world, the panel provides insight into engagement with communities and achieving communication and behaviour goals.

After watching this video, you will:

  • Understand government communications in our current global context.
  • See examples of where governments have been effective in communicating with citizens during the pandemic.
  • Understand the key values to be integrated into a communications strategy.

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