Organisational Listening

Jim Macnamara, Distinguished Professor at the School of Communication, University of Technology Sydney, presents on the importance of organisational listening. He argues that while interpersonal listening is becoming more and more appreciated, there is a large gap when it comes to how organisations or larger bodies listen as a collective. 

As trust in government has declined over the last decade, the pandemic era notwithstanding, there is a growing need to improve listening on this large scale. Jim reveals his ‘seven canons’ of listening – areas where organisations can improve – and takes us through his three-stage Organisational Listening Project and its findings. In particular, Jim talks us through turning ‘detractors’ into ‘promoters’, a worthy pursuit in any field of operation. 

Jim’s expertise provides a practical insight into how to go about improving your organisation’s listening and the impact that this can have. The importance of going beyond communicating your own message is highlighted during this presentation. 

After this video, you will: 

  1. Be able to define organisational listening. 
  2. Understand the significance of organisational listening. 
  3. Understand how to implement an ‘architecture of listening’ on a large scale. 
  4. Appreciate the effects of listening to your consumer or supporter base. 

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