Brexit and our Changing Landscape


Session Overview: 

In this session from the 2020 GovComms Festival, we hear from the Strategic Communications Lead in the UK Cabinet Office, Laurian Hubbard.

Laurian gives a background of Brexit, including the key dates that apply in the Brexit process. Although the Brexit referendum occurred in 2016, the formal Brexit process began in 2020. Laurian is the former Head of Brexit Communications in Wales.

Laurian outlines the responsibilities of different governments in the UK, including the responsibilities of Scotland, Wales and Northern Island.

Laurian explains how she has used the OASIS model in the Brexit communications process. She runs through each of the elements of the OASIS model, applying it to the modern British context with respect to Brexit and COVID-19.

Laurian outlines the objectives of the UK Cabinet Office’s communications campaign. She outlines the key audiences of this campaign as well, including the unique audience of Northern Island, which shares a border with the Republic of Ireland – a member of the European Union.

Laurian then gives examples of some of the work the UK Cabinet Office has done to communicate the changes associated with Brexit.

After watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Understand the background of the Brexit process, including the timeline of key events.
  • Understand how the UK Government has communicated Brexit during its critical stages.
  • Get inspiration from a case study of an application of the OASIS model.

Please note that this is a recording of a live presentation.

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