David Pembroke finalist in Australian Defence Industry Awards

contentgroup CEO and Founder, David Pembroke, has been named as a finalist in the Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry Awards for Marketing/Communications Professional of the Year. Marketing/Communications enables a clear and consistent flow of two-way engagement between government and Australian defence industry. This means communicating in a strategic, timely, consistent, meaningful, relevant and effective manner using a mix of online and offline channels as well as creating high-quality content products (including strategy, engagement plans, interviews, graphic design, webinars, podcasts, videos). 

David said that he was humbled to be recognised and proud to be a part of such an extensive network, saying “the mission of the Australian Defence Force to enable and protect the warfighter is inspiring. I enjoy every opportunity to work in the Defence sector.

“Now more than ever, strategic communications needs to be recognised as the critical link between government and industry. Government must effectively communicate what it needs from industry to protect the national interest. Industry needs that clear message from government in order to plan, gear up and deliver the best capability which the warfighter can utilise to complete the tasks we ask of them as a nation.

“I would also like to pass on my best wishes to other finalists.”

About the Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry Awards: 

Celebrating its second year, the Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry Awards sets the new benchmark for excellence in defence, recognising the outstanding achievements made by both individuals and firms working in Australian defence industry.

From the major listed organisations and corporates servicing Australia’s defence economy to SMEs, start-ups, academic institutions and associations, the Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry Awards acknowledges the professionals and businesses that are driving innovation, change and the development of Australia’s defence sector.

The finalists, who were announced over several days beginning on 6 October 2020, represent over 270 individuals and groups across the defence industry over 34 different categories.

Phillip Tarrant, director – Defence and Aerospace, welcomed the response to the Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry Awards, saying, “the defence industry has once again got right behind the awards, with over 270 finalists shortlisted from over 500 submissions representing over 150 companies.

“This is an extraordinary vote of confidence for Australia’s defence industry and representative of the depth of talent we have in our sector – I would like to thank each of the entrants for their submissions and wish all the finalists the best of luck.” Mr Tarrant added.

The winners will be announced on Thursday, 26 November.

*Neither the Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry Awards nor Defence Connect is sponsored, approved by, affiliated with or endorsed in any way by the Commonwealth of Australia or the Department of Defence.

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