contentgroup highlights, 2017

contentgroup highlights 2017

As the contentgroupies gear up for a bit of festive downtime, it’s a perfect time to sit down and reflect on the year that was.

Some of our highlights this year include presenting our methodology at the ASEAN Public Relations Conference in Bali; getting involved in the Canberra Business Chamber Trade Mission in Singapore; attending Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio; bringing England Rugby Union Coach Eddie Jones into the contentgroup team; and finally, opening our new office to make room for our now 30-strong team.

Here are some personal highlights from the team.

David PembrokeLinkedIn

Getting a call from the Federal Department of Human Services for whom we created a content communication framework 2 years ago to find out that they are now running 50 content programs across the department and that the framework “has changed the way the department thinks about communication”. A happy day.

Anna PembrokeLinkedIn

2017 has been an exciting year for contentgroup, with the highlight for me being the expansion for our creative team into our new office space – aptly known as The Magic Kingdom.

This has allowed room to accommodate our ever-growing team from 16 to 32 staff members.

I’m looking forward to a break and big things happening in 2018.

David Polglase – LinkedIn

Attending Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio was a clear highlight of 2017. With 3,500 plus communicators in the same city for four days, it was a great opportunity to share insights, hear from like-minded people and discuss trends across our industry. I was able to make some great connections, but also progress some conversations with a couple of pretty cool companies – including the audience choice winners for the second consecutive year – Divvy HQ. I look forward to taking some of these insights and embedding them into our service offerings in 2018.

Listen to some of Dave’s conversations during the event. Brody Dorland from Divvy HQ, Scott Berinato from the Harvard Business Review and Zontee Hou from Media Volery.

Ben Curry – LinkedIn

Telling more of our clients’ inspiring stories through video. Throughout 2017 we made more than 170 videos for 36 clients, visiting Canberra’s workplaces, factories and science labs. My favourite video shoot of the year was at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, to see how data is retrieved from black box flight recorders.

Here’s a case study that was written by Ben about the importance of video production in our industry.

Lydia Stevens – LinkedIn

Getting to spend 4 days in Singapore learning about how business is done and attending the Australian Marketing Institute ACT Awards and seeing contentgroup recognised as the supporting agency with Brand Canberra’s content marketing plan of the year award.

Lucy Hillyard – LinkedIn

Reaching 30 employees was quite a big highlight for me this year!

Chloe Wheeler – LinkedIn

Joining contentgroup of course!

Jess Bauer – LinkedIn

The highlight of my year is without a doubt graduating from university and having the opportunity to jump straight into full-time work at contentgroup! I’ve joined the company at such an exciting time and have experienced some big learning curves already. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in whatever next year may bring.

Jorie Soderberg – LinkedIn

Wow, what a year! The highlight of this year for me would be joining contentgroup in August and having the opportunity to pull together my social media, marketing and government agency experience to help a range of exciting contentgroup clients achieve some great results. It’s also been fantastic to work with such a fun, talented and passionate team of people on such a diverse range of projects. It’s been a year full of challenges and growth and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year! Bring on 2018!

Donovan McComb-Gray – LinkedIn

For me, it was quite a big achievement to graduate from university with a double degree in communications/journalism and politics. Though TV would have you believe a degree in comms doesn’t take you anywhere, it’s satisfying to know that that isn’t the case and I received this position. Coming to contentgroup has been a great way to kickstart my career in the industry and help me grow as a professional communicator.

Trent PollardLinkedIn

Making the move to contentgroup has hands down been the highlight of 2017 for me, it’s so exciting to take part in a growing organisation with such a strong focus on its people. A close second was to have the one and only, Eddie Jones, join the communications game – well, sort of. The man is a genius and a role model to so many, it’s unbelievably cool for contentgroup to have such a bizarre, yet wonderful partnership with a truly great man – I look forward to seeing what comes of it.

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