#76 Should we change the name ‘content marketing’? with Martin Schipany

#76 Should we change the name 'content marketing'? with Martin Schipany

Martin Schipany is a friend of contentgroup and the podcast. Martin presented with contentgroup at Content Marketing World’s Government and Public Sector Industry Lab 2016.

Martin Schipany is the head of ‘City Communications’ at the Press and Information Services for the City of Vienna in Austria. He started working for the City of Vienna as a Press Officer before becoming an editor in the Press and Information Services, eventually to rise to the head of the sub-department ‘City Communications.’ He is responsible for several media products, the editorial staff and campaign planning. Martin recently completed a Master’s thesis on implementing content marketing in local government.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
1:37 A summary of Content Marketing World
2:03 Top insights from Content Marketing World
3:00 What were Martin’s expectations of the conference and did they meet them?
4:29 Why are not many public communicators adopting content marketing?
6:03 The era of gaming the Google algorithm is over
6:34 How do you sustain quality of content? (Hint: the most important part is the structure behind your media channels)
7:48 How does the City of Vienna adopt a ‘network approach’?
9:00 How do you communication the benefit of content marketing?
11:57 How has the City of Vienna embedded the content marketing skillset into their organisation?
13:54 The benefits of being a generalist
17:46 How do you get approval to attend conferences such as Content Marketing World?
20:45 Should ‘content marketing’ be called something else?

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City of Vienna website

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