#75 Special episode: Explaining is winning

Explaining is Winning

This is a special episode. InTransition’s host, David Pembroke, recently spoke at the Australian Marketing Institute’s Public Sector Marketing Communications Summit. The summit brought together some of the top public sector communicators from around the world. This episode is a recording of David’s presentation. The title of the presentation was Explaining is Winning.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
3:14 The essence of what public sector communicators do for a living
5:01 Why communications is the most important part of a modern government
8:42 The two marco points in the last few years which changed the communications game
14:13 What’s the point of communication?
16:09 The 10-step content marketing process (and walking through an example)

Selected links

Read more details about the AMI’s Public Sector Marketing Communications Summit on the website

Listen to the podcast with Sean Larkins

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