#74 Jenny Muir from the Public Relations Institute of Australia

Jenny Muir Public Relations Institute of Australia PRIA

Jenny Muir is the General Manager of Primary Communication, an Australian strategic communications agency. Jenny Muir leads the campaign advocacy, government and stakeholder relations team. Throughout her career, Jenny has worked with many public sector organisations, including the South Sydney City Council, NSW State Government and the Australian Human Rights Commission. Earlier this year, she was elected as the National President of the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

“[Communicators] are the ones that are the key architects of thinking in language, and they’re the ones that are the litmus test for how it’s going to play to the very specific audiences that they’re trying to influence.” -Jenny Muir
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In this episode, you’ll learn:
3:13 Why the Public Relations Institute of Australia recognises over 1,200 job titles
4:49 Where are the challenges and opportunities of communications?
7:34 How can communicators become influential?
12:12 How has technology allowed public relations professionals to create more value?
14:05 What is the state of the mental well-being of communicators? (This may surprise you)
15:02 How is the communication talent being distributed in modern organisations?
18:09 What is the future of education and training for communications?
20:45 Do executives understand how large the transformation of digital and communications is?
25:31 Why the public sector should be more vulnerable and more human
28:28 Example of humanising cyber bullying for the Australian Human Rights Commission
29:02 Two ways to use the authentic first-person story

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“The risks are inherently quite low if the authenticity is real.” -Jenny Muir
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