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#73 Joanne Painter on the 3 most important trends in communications

Joanne Painter is the Founder and Managing Director of, a communications consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Joanne Painter has led her team for over 15 years on a range of projects in both the public and the private sector. won the 2015 Golden Target Award for ‘Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility’ by the Public Relations Institute of Australia for their ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ campaign for Sustainability Victoria. They also received a Highly Commended award for their ‘Stand Up For Farmers’ campaign for New South Wales Farmers. Before her communications career, Joanne was a senior journalist for The Age.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
3:50 What makes a good journalist?
6:13 Why Joanne ‘moved to the dark side’
7:43 Why we are lucky in the digital age
8:22 One of the most important lessons from bootstrapping a business
8:52 How do you trial and error in a successful way? (And why you must use agile development)
12:47 The 3 most important trends in communications in 2016
14:01 Why you can’t ignore social media
14:50 Why you must be using an omni-channel approach
15:44 Does the production value of your video matter?
19:20 Where do offline channels fit in the omni-channel approach?
20:27 Case study of the ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ campaign for Sustainability Victoria

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