#77 Libby Coy on the importance of visual content

Libby Coy on the importance of visual content

Libby Coy was contentgroup’s Graphic Designer for over two years. Libby designed brands, logos, infographics, and reports for many of our public sector clients, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Defence, the University of Canberra and the ACT Government. Libby Coy studied fine arts at the University of Southern California.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
2:36 What was Libby’s journey into content marketing?
3:52 How challenging was it to adapt from working in-house to a consultancy?
5:54 How do you tell your organisation’s story through visual branding?
7:01 What does a graphic designer want to know about an organisation?
7:38 How do you show the organisation it’s about the audience, not them?
9:28 Design gets better with familiarity
9:47 What should you look for when you are hiring a vendor on a graphics project?
11:45 How has visual communication changed over the recent years?
14:02 What are some of the challenges in teaching graphic design?
23:27 What has Libby learnt in design in the last two years?

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