#55: Using stakeholder mapping to track the conversation with Kate Bradstreet

David interviews Kate Bradstreet, former newspaper journalist and senior public affairs practitioner in the Australian Government. Kate Bradstreet was formerly the Senior Director of Online Communications for the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and also spent several years with the Australian Federal Police, rising to become the Commissioner’s Chief Media Advisor, where she advised on such high-profile events as the second Bali bombings and crises in East Timor. Four years ago, Kate founded her own communications consultancy firm. Kate has advised on several projects for Australian government departments, including most recently for Prime Minister and Cabinet on the Prime Minister’s National Ice Taskforce and Reducing Violence against Women and their Children.

In this episode:
2:51 How do you sustain interest in topics such as domestic violence?
6:08 How stakeholder mapping is used to track the conversation
14:38 How do you get a seat at the table with the executives?
22:09 Why you should do government communications as a consultant (and how to succeed)
27:23 How can you add research into your content marketing strategy?

If you are would like to use stakeholder mapping in your role, download Kate’s presentation slides from a recent keynote to the International Association of Business Communicators.

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