#66 The best practices of survey research with Jon Cohen

#66 The best practices of survey research with Jon Cohen

Jon Cohen is the Vice President of Survey Research at SurveyMonkey. Jon Cohen has a long history of experience in surveys and research. Jon was the Associate Survey Director of the Public Policy Institute of California, Assistant Director of Polling Unit for the American Broadcasting Corporation News, Director of Polling for The Washington Post, the list goes on. Before he started at Survey Monkey, Jon was the Vice President of Research at the Pew Research Center, an independent research organisation, who create great reports such as one on the State of News Media. Jon’s experience in survey design is extensive.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
3:54 Why you should think of research as a strategic investment
5:01 How do you get people to understand the value of research?
6:07 Why research is part of the process of effective content marketing
7:52 How you should invest in research
9:30 Why research is fundamental to content marketing
11:26 How do you ask the right questions?
14:15 How much time should you ask people to fill out your survey?
16:07 Should you offer incentives for survey research?
17:23 How do you surface biases?
20:21 How important are psychographic and demographic profiles?
23:20 Where is the role of the experienced researcher?
24:55 What are the most common mistakes when people design their own surveys?
28:29 How do you present data so people understand?

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