#65 Washington, DC transparent with negative public feedback

#65 Washington, DC transparent with negative public feedback

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Kristen Kavalier is the Senior Director of Research and Analytics at Sprinklr, a social media software company valued at over US$1 billion. Kristen Kavalier has worked on technology projects for government, non-for-profits and the private sector as a Consultant, Manager, and Product Manager for Acumen Solutions. Previously, Kristen was the Vice President of Customer Relations for NewBrand, a social media intelligence company. NewBrand went on to be acquired by Sprinklr last year. Kristen’s expertise is in listening and understanding customers and citizens to help organisations make better decisions.

This interview explores how the District of Columbia pioneered a transparent government by publishing the good, the bad, and the ugly feedback of local government agencies.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
1:54 How did Kristen gain expertise in listening to customers?
3:17 How can you gain feedback to understand what the customer wants?
4:45 How Sprinklr organises hundreds of thousands of feedback messages to score based on positive and negative sentiment
6:43 What the District of Columbia does to understand and listen to residents opinions on policies
8:30 What is the Grade.DC.Gov programme? (And how the District of Columbia pioneered a new way of listening to citizen feedback)
13:12 The challenges of collecting feedback for the Grade.DC.Gov project
14:59 How important was it for this programme to be run from the Mayor’s office?
18:14 How do you manage expectations of citizens?
22:02 How survey data differs from social feedback
23:11 What has happened in the past 4 years since the Grade.DC.Gov project started?
26:46 “How much resourcing do I need to listen to feedback on social media?”

Selected links:

Connect with Kristen Kavalier on Twitter| LinkedIn | kristen.kavalier@spinklr.com

Visit Sprinklr Website | Facebook | Twitter

Check out the Grade.DC.Gov programme Website

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