#67 How to influence the majority of shared conversation with Bob Pearson

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Bob Pearson is the President of the W2O Group, a group of 3 marketing and communications companies. Prior to working at the W2O Group, Bob Pearson was the Vice President of Communities and Conversation for Dell, where he developed their first global social media efforts. Bob also worked as Head of Global Corporate Communications for Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Bob recently wrote Storytizing: What’s Next After Advertising, where he explores how messages proliferate through society. Bob is also a frequent speaker on digital marketing at the Syracuse Center for Social Commerce and the U.S. State Department’s Marketing College.

“If you can train and teach the top leaders of an organisation, you make a difference. If you don’t, then you don’t.” -Bob Pearson
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In this episode, you’ll learn:
2:16 Is traditional advertising dead?
3:30 What skills do communications teams need in this transition of communications?
5:28 How do you find the people who drive the majority of conversation?
6:42 What is audience architecture?
10:15 How to reach people who are influential outside the zone you are talking?
11:30 Why understanding the basics of data science can save your organisation tens of thousands of dollars
14:50 Easy quick wins for government and public sector communicators, which no one can object to
16:57 How do you sell communications to the senior executives?
18:39 How do you compose a convincing argument to senior executives?
21:07 Why great leadership can start with communications and reputation
22:16 Which senior executive should you approach first?
23:27 What tools should you be using to gather insights from the audience?
25:14 The 5 fundamentals of media efficiency
27:20 How important are offline communications?
29:22 How do media relations fit into communications?
31:19 Why 43 people drive the majority of shared conversation for Harry Potter

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