#68 The content marketing methodology with Dave Polglase

Dave Polglase contentgroup methodology

You recently told us you wanted us to interview some of our staff. Here is our most loyal staff member.

Dave Polglase is the Head of Consulting at contentgroup. Dave Polglase recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary with us. Dave has worked with over a hundred clients over the years, including Federal, State, and Local Government. His projects have included strategic communications, public relations, and content marketing. Dave helped develop contentgroup’s content marketing methodology. He has worked as part of the Australian media team for the past three Olympic Games.

“You don’t need to fight the issue in the papers every single day.” -Dave Polglase
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In this episode, you’ll learn:
5:40 What do you have to learn to be effective in content marketing?
6:36 How important is research and discovery in content marketing?
7:22 Why data and analytics have changed research
11:17 Why asking questions is important to successful content marketing
12:03 What is the current state of communications in government?
13:43 Why content marketing is a hack against the time pressures of government
15:43 How do you convince Ministerial advisors to be less reactionary to the media?
16:40 What are the benefits of long-term strategic content marketing for the Minister?
17:14 What personal attributes should you hire content marketers for?
19:58 The contentgroup content marketing methodology
27:21 What are the hacks to persuade people to take risk to get outcomes?

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