#23 Why government needs a 24-hour news cycle

Our guest today joins us with a wealth of government communication experience. Alun Probert is the former Executive Director of Strategic Communication to the NSW Government and the CEO of GovCom Group. In this episode, we discuss the challenges facing government departments and how change begins at the top. Alun also explains the importance of government departments embracing the 24 hour news cycle.

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Before heading GovCom Group, Alun spent nine years as the Executive Director of Strategic Communications in the NSW Government, with the responsibility for advertising and digital policy including managing the NSW Governments and Premier’s website, overseeing approval of Government and all advertising campaigns and managing whole of Government media contracts.

Prior to joining the NSW government, Alun worked in the magazine industry in Australia and overseas and was personally responsible for the launch of a number of successful magazines including FHM and OK in Australia.

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