Episode #22: Using content marketing to develop your website

Episode #22: Using content marketing to develop your website

In episode 22 of InTransition, we are joined by two special guests from the University of Canberra. Our guests Inga Davis and Richa Arora undertook a massive project of rebuilding the universities website. We discuss the steps they took to reach their objective and how they managed to bring more than 15,000 pages of content under one umbrella.

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Inga Davis gave an interview for the InTransition podcast with David Pembroke on the eve of her last week at University of Canberra having spent the last 10 years working her way through the ranks at UC; as a marketing manager, alumni manager, Director of Vice-Chancellor Stephen Parker’s Office, Director of Advancement and finishing up as Director Advancement, Marketing and Communications.

Working closely with the Vice-Chancellor, Inga has led projects integral to building the University’s profile; including the university’s 40th anniversary celebrations in 2008, the latest “breakthrough” re-brand, content marketing strategy and most recently an enterprise-wide upgrade of UC’s 10,000 page website. A project with 15,000 staff and student users, 50 stakeholder representatives, 25 senior managers and 3 million annual visitors.

Richa was the project manager for the redevelopment of University of Canberra’s website and closely worked with marketing and content producers on the content strategy for the new website. Richa believes that the aesthetics of a website are important for a friendly user experience, but people visit a website when they need information. The up to date content targeted to its audience is the key to a functional and engaging website.

Richa has worked in public and private sector leading user workshops, stakeholder engagements and managing change and communications. Richa is a specialist in business process analysis, process re-engineering, solution design and implementation and project management. Richa is currently a Deloitte Consulting Manager in Technology Advisory team at Deloitte.


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