#24 Critical legal questions for government content marketers

#24 Critical legal questions for government content marketers

In episode 10, Kim Ulrick, the Assistant Director of Communication for the Australian Federal Government Department of Communication told David Pembroke, “Get the lawyers involved early.” Today, we take on that advice and are joined by Director of ARETE Group and Senior Legal Counsel for Airservices Australia, Shaun Creighton. In this episode we discuss the copyright implications when creating or curating content for government content marketers.

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Shaun Creighton is a commercial lawyer with specialist expertise in the identification, protection and commercialisation of intellectual property rights.

Shaun has expertise and experience negotiating significant technology, broadcasting and general commercial agreements. Previously, he has provided in-house Legal Counsel for the Australian Sports Commission and Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation.

As a dual Olympian, Shaun has an extensive network in the sports and events industries. As part of ARETE Group’s thriving sports law practice group, he represents professional athletes, national sporting organisations, media outlets and event organisers on matters ranging from drafting sponsorship and merchandising agreements to broadcasting rights disputes, copyright advice, trade mark registration services, selection appeals, privacy, governance advice and Competition and Consumer Act issues.

Shaun is the currently a National Selector for Track and Field in Australia and is the Secretary of the Canberra International Film Festival.

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