#25 Bridging the gap between ICT and Marketing in Government

#25 Bridging the gap between ICT and Marketing in Government

Our guest today joins us with a wealth of government communication experience. John Sheridan is responsible for whole of government ICT services and procurement policy and operations. In this episode, we discuss the growing importance between government storytelling and information technology.

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John Sheridan joined the APS Senior Executive Service in 2002, after 22 years in the Australian Army and three in the Defence Science and Technology Organisation. In Defence, he was the lead IT architect and, later, responsible for the design and development of IT systems.

In the Australian Government Information Management Office, John negotiated the Microsoft Volume Sourcing Agreement, managed major ICT budget reductions, and led whole of government matters such as australia.gov.au, data centre strategy, coordinated procurement, industry engagement, and telecommunications services.

In February 2013, John became the first Australian Government Chief Technology Officer. In addition to his responsibilities for ICT, coordinated and general procurement policy and operations, John assists the business community as the Australian Government Procurement Coordinator.


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