InTransition Episode #19: The non-negotiables of content marketing

InTransition Episode #19: The non-negotiables of content marketing

Our guest today, Gina Florence, is a rising star in the government communication sector. Gina serves as the Marketing and Communications Supervisor for the City of Bryan, Texas. In this episode we discuss how her grassroots approach to content marketing has helped the City of Bryan.

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Gina is a senior digital marketing professional with successful experience in product management, social media strategy and integrated marketing campaigns for the City of Bryan.

In addition, Gina has also developed brand ambassador and employee ambassador programs online to reinforce branding goals, drive loyalty and amplify the message.

Working for the City of Bryan, she has put her non-government experience to work to boost economic development, city programs, and tourism across all online channels. In addition to marketing, she serves as the Public Information Officer for the City of Bryan and Bryan Texas Utilities.

Each week a staff member puts pen to paper to write about an aspect of content communication that speaks to them, and hopefully, informs you. This is a space where our passion for writing, learning and sharing information comes to shine.

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