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Colin Anstie joins this week’s InTransition Podcast to talk about digital marketing tactics. Col is the CEO of the digital marketing agency Raging Digital. He is also the Marketing Director of CBR Innovation Network. Col has extensive experience in digital marketing, holding previous roles such as Digital Marketing Manager of RaboDirect Australia, Online and Direct Banking Channel Manager for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Online Marketing Manager for Telstra.

In this podcast Colin discusses:

  • Convincing your leadership to adopt digital marketing
  • Teaching “Digital Marketing 101”
  • The top 8 marketing channels in the world today
  • SEO – how to get to the top of Google
  • How to publish in a risk averse workplace
  • Starting off with social media publishing
  • How to be good at Search Engine Marketing?
  • Do people actually click on ads?
  • Building trust over time
  • Two trends affecting public sector¬†marketing
  • Transitioning from broadcast to narrowcast – targeting the audience
  • Email marketing
  • The importance of surveying and understanding your audience

Listen to the podcast:

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