#82 Ian Rumsby on insights from successful organisations

InTransition Podcast

Ian Rumsby joins the InTransition podcast to talk with David Pembroke about content marketing. Ian is the Chairman of Weber Shandwick Australia and Chief Strategy Officer, Asia Pacific. He leads the firm’s business operations in Australia and strategic development and marketing in the Asia Pacific region.

In this podcast Ian discusses:

  • Leadership in the workplace
  • the importance of communication skills as we transition to automation
  • embracing the thinking of junior people in your organisation
  • using your competitor’s results to drive change
  • using your leaders as “flag carriers”
  • finding your way – recruitment, partnerships and purpose
  • successful organisations deploy their own people better, not just recruit
  • centralised communications roles spreading outwards through organisations
  • the challenge for content: distribution
  • understanding your audience – it’s not just demographics


Listen to the podcast:

Selected Links:

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Weber Shandwick Australia website

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