#83 Rachael Sweeney on stakeholder engagement

#83 Rachael Sweeney on stakeholder engagement

Rachael Sweeney joins the podcast to talk with David Pembroke about stakeholder engagement. Rachael is the director of Collective Position, a communication and stakeholder relations company based in Melbourne, Australia. She studied public relations with a politics major at Deakin University before starting a career in government and stakeholder relations, before working on two major rail infrastructure projects in Victoria.

In this episode, Rachael discusses:

  • getting government communications right
  • finding stakeholders and mapping their influence
  • managing antagonistic stakeholders – engaging with transparency
  • delivering information – how much detail is required?
  • running the consultation process – managing the bureaucracy and the elected officials
  • the challenge for big infrastructure projects
  • getting the public’s attention early on in the process
  • the role of content

Listen to the podcast:

Selected links:

Download the transcript

Collective Position website

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