The Importance of Deep Listening

with Oscar Trimboli


Session Overview:

Contentgroup CEO David Pembroke talks with Oscar Trimboli about the significance of listening and how it can improve results in the workplace. Oscar reveals his advice for improving our own listening and the benefits of focusing more on this important skill.

Oscar explains the five levels of listening and how to improve each of these in order to reap the rewards. Teams will work together more effectively, and people will get more time back into their schedule. As Oscar says, ‘our research tells us that by just switching off notifications on your phone, you get one hour back in your schedule every week.’

Oscar goes on to talk about the listening skills required to be a great leader and gives advice for government communicators about how they can improve their practice by advancing their listening techniques.

After watching this video, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the five levels of listening and how to improve your practice in each
  2. Gain skills and advice to advance your listening techniques
  3. Understand the benefits and costs associated with ‘deep listening’
  4. Implement listening skills in your professional environment

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