Digital is Everything and Nothing


Session Overview

The Head of Society at Pollinate, Pamela Souvlis, explores the modern-day obsession with digital marketing, examining where it’s justified and where it’s not.

Pamela explores examples of digital campaigns that went horribly wrong and what we can learn from them. Pamela believes that governments and brands lack strategic planning when it comes to their presence on digital platforms. Instead, they view digital platforms as their saving grace, while putting little work into them.

Pamela proposes a framework for developing strategic communication on a given platform, one that engages a diverse array of mediums. The framework will guide you as you approach your communications messaging on those platforms.

Pamela uses Pollinate-led case studies to demonstrate the importance of focusing on brand and communications development in the early stages of your communications strategy.

After watching this video, you will:

  • Understand why digital platforms are sometimes incomplete and counter-productive.
  • Identify the vast array of platforms, beyond the go-to social media platforms.
  • Use a proven framework that sets out how to take advantage of a platform strategically.

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