Deliberative Democracy Done Differently


Session Overview

In this presentation from the 2020 GovComms Festival, Clare Murrell, from Capire Consulting Group, and Max Hardy, from Max Hardy Consulting, interactively discuss deliberative democracy and why it should be utilized more as a government process.

While they concede it is a difficult to define, they agree that it does involve creating relationships and two-way communication and this can only be beneficial to the outcome as more people are involved.

The pair share their most important techniques behind engaging in a campaign that harnesses deliberation and engagement. Some highlights include how best to choose a substantial and influenceable subject matter and how to focus on the learning journey.

They also consider practical questions from the crowd. Clare and Max discuss the issue of polarization and how this might affect the process of deliberative democracy.  While they argue that in recent times, political polarization has caused tensions, it can be mitigated.

If people are given more information, they will be able to discuss more and then we can use this collective wisdom to our advantage. This is a fascinating presentation on how deliberation can be used by organisations and governments alike.

After watching this video, you will:

  • Be able to define deliberative democracy.
  • Learn the top techniques behind deliberative democracy.
  • Appreciate contemporary issues associated with deliberation in our political process.

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