EP#26 – Making the lives of Australian citizens easier with Ailsa Borwick, Jason Lucchese and Helen Bailey.

How do you cut a government form down from 164 questions to 10 without losing the rigour?

How can you leverage existing business information systems to take the hassle out of payroll and superannuation guarantees?

These are just two of the innovations introduced by public servants this year to make Australian’s lives easier.

The Public Sector Innovation Awards highlight public servants who rethink government services to make them easier to access and use.

On this week’s episode, David Pembroke sits down with Helen Bailey, Manager of the Public Sector Innovation Network, and representatives from award-winners Services Australia and the Australian Tax Office to discover how large scale innovation projects were delivered.

Ailsa Borwick, National Manager of Employment Income and Single Touch Payroll joins us to talk about simplifying JobKeeper forms on behalf of Services Australia.

Jason Lucchese, Assistant Commissioner of the Superannuation and Employer Obligations of the Single Touch Payroll Programme joins on behalf of the Australian Tax Office.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Identifying where to target innovation efforts
  • The importance of knowing your customer journey
  • What does user-centred design look like in practice?
  • The importance of team building to deliver major innovations
  • Connecting innovation with the priorities of your authorising environment