EP#25: Australia’s bright future – with Telstra CEO Andy Penn

The ways we work have changed drastically this year, yet according to Telstra CEO Andy Penn, it’s only just getting started. Strap yourselves in. Things are about to get interesting.

Australians have adopted digital technologies at an unprecedented pace during COVID-19 which has delivered benefits including mitigating skills shortages, improved work-life balance and increased workforce satisfaction.

Much of this change relies on the reliability of the telecommunications network run by Andy Penn.

In this episode of Work with Purpose, Andy Penn discusses the future of work in Australia; the adoption of emerging technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence and cloud computing; and how industry is partnering with government to accelerate the post-pandemic recovery.

In Andy Penn’s opinion, Australia is well placed to capture a bright digital future.

From an industry perspective of working with government, enjoy this conversation with contentgroup Founder and CEO, David Pembroke.

Discussed in this episode:
• Forecasting the future of work
• Sustaining the pace of technology adoption
• COVID as an accelerator for the move to a digital economy
• How technologies like 5G, cloud computing & artificial intelligence will enable smart cities of the future.