National Biosecurity Forum

Series of 10 webinar events

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the Biosecurity Strategy and Reform Office within DAWE were unable to host their National Biosecurity Forum event in person.

This event is typically an in-person forum held over several days in Canberra, featuring a diverse range of speakers, content and presentation of the Australian Biosecurity Awards, recognising individuals from around the country for their biosecurity contributions. Over four days, 10 informative sessions were required to be made available via webinar.

In October 2020, contentgroup commenced work with the Department to ensure all sessions were suitably adapted to an online setting.



contentgroup’s role in the forum covered the creation of the webinar and registration page, through to delivery of the live events, video recordings, transcripts and analytics reports.

Several interactive components were also included in the webinars such as live Q&As and polling. contentgroup also offered the department their choice and lighting, branding, and banners for inclusion during the live events. Over the week, over 35 speakers (both in-studio and remote) contributed to the success of the event.

Following the successful delivery of the forum, post-event analytics revealed that 792 viewers tuned in throughout the week. Audience polling results also revealed that all sessions received mode results of either 4/5 or 5/5 for the presentation of the webinar. The Department has also received positive anecdotal feedback from viewers. The Biosecurity Strategy and Reform Office and contentgroup have since discussed how the event can be improved upon for 2021.

“This was the first time the National Biosecurity Forum was run as a series of webinars. The advice and support provided by contentgroup was imperative in helping us deliver a successful forum – from the technical aspects to registrations, presenter support and the final delivery of the webinar series. The team was responsive and helpful in answering queries we had in the lead up to the forum and quickly addressed any issues that we had throughout the week. We had great feedback from attendees and look forward to working with the contentgroup team again soon.”
Shane Faulkner
Assistant Director | Biosecurity Education and Engagement | Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment


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