Discovery workshop and content collateral

department of home affairs, commonwealth coordinator-general for migrant services

Refugee needs are complex, and so is the sector that supports them. Different services are provided by the commonwealth, state/territory and local governments to support refugees to settle and integrate. Navigating the support system can be challenging. It is not only government services that are looking to welcome and support humanitarian migrants. Australian Communities are eager to welcome new members.

In 2018, the Australian Government commissioned an Independent
Review into Integration, Employment and Settlement Outcomes for Refugees and Humanitarian Entrants. The purpose of the Review was to identify ways of improving social integration and economic participation rates for refugees and humanitarian entrants in Australia.

As a result of this review, the Office of the Commonwealth Coordinator-General of Migrant Services (OCCGMS) was created in the Department of Home Affairs to drive coordination and uplift settlement outcomes. Particularly, the Review recommended that the Coordinator-General “articulate publicly a strong positive narrative by promoting Australia’s proud record of accepting refugees and emphasising the contribution this has made to our national development and identity.” (p. 16)



While there are many positive stories about migrant services to tell, OCCGMS needed to define a scope of work and outcome measures. To meet this recommendation, the OCCGMS approached contentgroup for a communications workshop. The session was designed to bring experts together and explore what a stakeholder communication and engagement program of work would involve.

Using the first phase of our direct-to-citizen engagement framework (D2CCE), contentgroup explored communication activities, opportunities, and risk factors with senior stakeholders across the Department of Home Affairs. The workshop created clarity, set a focus for communications, and facilitated a detailed discussion around what success would look like.  After the workshop, we provided a summary report with suggestions to define the scope of work, test employment narratives, shape national discourse, and address the challenges and opportunities of the COVID-19 context. Through this workshop, the direction of travel has been set, and the findings are being used to plan a future program of work.

Once the workshop was completed, contentgroup was engaged to create a storybook: “An employer’s guide to working with refugees”. This document featured the positive experiences businesses had working with refugees and the success stories of refugees working in Australia. contentgroup was responsible for the editing and design of the document to create a print and accessible version to be featured on the department’s website. Our team completed all work in accordance with the relevant Australian Government and Department of Home Affairs’ brand, style and accessibility guidelines. The full storybook has been received positively by stakeholders and the OCCGMS. It can be found here.


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