Biosecurity Risks of Imported Prawn Webinar

Review of the biosecurity risks of prawns imported from all countries for human consumption

The Animal Biosecurity Branch within the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment recruited a contentgroup to produce a 2-hour webinar from our studio in the city centre.

The Department announced the release of the draft report for the Review of biosecurity risks of prawns imported from all countries for human consumption on 28 September 2020.

Following this release, the team sought a webinar to provide a highly targeted audience with the opportunity to hear from the Department, ask questions and comment about the draft report. 



contentgroup worked closely with the Department to define and plan the parameters of the event. Following an initial consultation, we provided the Department with a link to share with their audience. This involved creating a registration page with approved fields and branding.

The live broadcast was very successful, with 56 audience questions being received during the Q&A segment. Many of these questions were asked live by contentgroup CEO and Founder David Pembroke, who has over a decade of interview experience in the news industry.

We used the technology platform, Zoom, to produce all elements of the event from the registration page through to the final delivery of data and analytics reports.

Following the event, the Department also received a recording of the broadcast and a proofread copy of the transcript.

The Department received a range of positive anecdotal feedback from audience members. A total of 123 individuals registered for the event. It achieved a 72% attendance rate and had a geographically diverse audience with people dialling in from not just Australia but Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and India.

"We approached contentgroup to deliver a basic webinar session with a Q&A facility. It was a simple requirement and we got exactly what we wanted. Having David facilitate the session was incredibly helpful – his knowledge and expertise ensured that the conversation was moving in the right direction and on time. Access to contentgroup’s capabilities meant that we did not have to worry about the technical components linked with the delivery and we were able to focus on the content and purpose of this stakeholder engagement activity. The studio experience and reliability of contentgroup to deliver the service was excellent"
Kally Gross
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment



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