Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hubs Showcase Videos

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, formally the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (the department), Future Drought Fund Research and Adoption Program team procured contentgroup in April 2022 to film and produce a package of eight videos to showcase the Department’s eight Adoption and Innovation Hubs.

In Australia drought is an enduring feature. It has significant economic, social and environmental impacts on our nation and its people.



In 2018 the Federal Government announced the introduction of the $5 billion Future Drought Fund (FDF) with its first programs launching in 2020. The FDF provides secure, continuous funding for drought resilience initiatives to help Australian farms and communities prepare for, manage and sustain their businesses from the impacts of drought.

One of these programs was the establishment of the eight Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hubs (the Hubs). These Hubs are located across Australia and aim to drive regionally focused efforts to develop, extend, adopt and commercialise drought resilient practices and technologies.

The Hubs are also a place for collaboration, encouraging farmers, researchers, communities and Australian Public Service (APS) employees to come together to share ideas and stories and to learn from each other. This collaboration happens both within the Hubs and across Hubs, with cross-Hub projects and initiatives underway.

“We need to support regional communities to start preparing for the return of dry conditions—now.”

Figure 1 - Videographer Paul Simpson and Producer Annabelle Fife filming in South Australia with Sheep Producer Peter Mitchell
Figure 2 - Videographer Paul Simpson filming in South Australia with Elders Agronomist and Soil Consultant Beth Humphris


The Department sought a provider to develop eight five-minute videos to showcase each Hub and the work that is being completed by them. The Department needed a supplier that had the capability to film and produce in every state and territory in Australia and deliver the videos to the Department within a short timeframe.

It was important to the Department that the videos feature a diverse representation of Australia’s agriculture and showcase key stakeholders across the Hubs.

The videos were to be played for the first time at the 2022 Future Drought Fund Science to Practice Forum. This Forum brings together farmers, researchers, government, industry and the community.

Figure 3 – SWWA Hub snapshot: South-West WA Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub

Figure 4 – NWANT Hub snapshot: Northern WA and  NT Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub

All videos filmed as part of this project can be found on the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s website: https://www.agriculture.gov.au/agriculture-land/farm-food-drought/drought/future-drought-fund/research-adoption-program/adoption-innovation-hubs

Strategy Selection and Justification

contentgroup worked closely with the Department and the Hubs to define and plan the parameters of the Australia-wide production.

Over the course of two months contentgroup utilised their team of videographers and producers across Australia and created eight five-minute videos which showcased the work of each of the Hubs.

A producer and videographer went to each of the following locations:

  • Wagga Wagga and Temora, NSW
  • Dookie, VIC
  • Launceston, TAS
  • Roseworthy and the Barossa Valley, SA
  • Perth and Merredin, WA
  • Darwin, NT
  • Richmond, QLD
  • Toowoomba, QLD.

In the lead up to filming at each location contentgroup liaised with the Department to create filming run sheets for each shoot which were then utilised by all team members on the ground.

Each video featured key stakeholders from each Hub including farmers, researchers, Hub partners and Hub staff speaking about the benefits of the Hub and the impact the Hub has had on them. Locations of filming included farms, science labs, local town centres and universities.

Once filming was completed, contentgroup senior videographers and producers packaged together each video ensuring each was on message and included relevant branding across all eight videos. They also ensured that each video flowed from one-another. contentgroup worked with the Department to ensure the videos met their expectations.

The videos were delivered to the Department with fully annotated transcripts and closed caption files to ensure they met Australian Government Accessibility Guidelines.

The videos were showcased to the public for the first time at the 2022 Future Drought Fund Science to Practice Forum and is now live on the Department’s website. In addition, the videos are also available on each of the Hub’s individual website.



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