141: Understanding cyber security with Laura Bell, CEO of SafeStack

141: Understanding cyber security with Laura Bell, CEO of SafeStack

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This week we are joined by cybersecurity professional Laura Bell, CEO of New Zealand-based boutique security firm SafeStack. Aiming to provide her clients with a better understanding of cybersecurity and the risks we face, Laura shares with us tips on being as secure as possible in the digital age.

As people continue to live their whole lives online, our personal information has never been more vulnerable. SafeStack’s aim is to teach teams and individuals how to better protect their information; to decrease the fear of what might happen.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The role cybersecurity plays in the 21st century
  • Information protection
  • Delving into the unknown world of hacking
  • Accepting that it’s okay to be vulnerable
  • The importance of training staff to know how to behave online
  • Why you should celebrate success
  • What we can learn from illegal hacking
  • Reasons to consider building a generalised team

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