#90 Emily Crume – Understand your audience by listening

#90 Emily Crume - Understand your audience by listening

Emily Crume explains how asking questions and using listening tools can provide the best insights into the needs of your target audience. Emily is the director of strategy for Social Media Examiner. She spoke to David Pembroke on the last day of Content Marketing World.

In this podcast they discuss:

  • offline is still important – events and face-to-face meetings
  • asking questions, not launching into a pitch
  • people will interact with people they trust – how to earn it
  • how listening tools and technology can assist government and the public sector
  • what skills and technology do you need to communicate effectively?
  • the strength of data, research and surveys
  • dealing with change, testing and learning

Listen to the podcast:

Selected Links:

Download the transcript

Social Media Examiner website

Connect with Emily Crume on LinkedIn

Emily Crume on listening to your audience:

“… you need to put yourself in the shoes of who it is that you’re trying to talk to. Don’t sell, or pitch, or demo, ask questions. When people start talking about themselves they reveal motivations and things that they are keyed in on that will allow you to connect the dots. Instead of launching into a pitch or a sell, trying to sell somebody, uncovering the pain points and understanding a little bit more about what it is that they’re challenged with can help you point them in the right direction. Maybe it’s not you at that time, it might be something else, but giving that help, coaching, advice, or new idea to somebody can always transform their business, and then they kind of remember that.

“People are talking and you can hear what they are saying about news, information, their cities, their towns, initiatives. Listen. Listen and then respond, and open a conversation in real-time. You have the ability to real-time talk to people.

“Listen, monitor, and react in real-time, I think is a perfect way to match technology to what’s going on in government today.”


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