#91 Craig Hodges – strategy breeds success

#91 Craig Hodges - strategy breeds success

What are the chances of two Aussies in Cleveland catching AC/DC live? Pretty good as it turns out. Welcome to a special short holiday edition podcast, where Craig Hodges from King Content talks about content marketing strategies, and how crucial they are to success. Craig caught up with David Pembroke for a very fast chat at Content Marketing World in Cleveland.

They spoke about:

  • strategy and success
  • committing to a communication plan
  • the need for internal advocates
  • understanding your clients and realising the benefits of content marketing
  • quality vs quantity of content
  • where journalists fit into content marketing
  • AC/DC

Listen to the podcast:

Selected Links:

Download the transcript

Content Marketing World website

Craig Hodges on strategy:

“I think, without fail, there’s a necessity to have a strategy. You’ve got to know where you’re going. You’ve got to know where you want to be. Now, there’s those crazy stats that say about 30% of people embark who on a content-marketing program have a strategy. Those 30% are 60% more likely to have success in their program. It goes without saying you need that. That’s a great starting point. I think you also need to have some sort of methodology to get a return on investment. There’s too many white elephants in content marketing. I think that we need to have a plan and an outcome.”


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