#61 Kim Moeller on how to use content for change management

Kim Moeller is an Executive Director of Synergy Group Australia, where he specialises in change management. Kim Moeller previously worked as Associate Director for KPMG Australia and Consulting Director for Oakton. Kim’s experience in change management is extensive, where he has worked on projects for the Department of Defence, Department of Health, Australian Customs, Telstra, and more. Kim is currently the ACT Chapter Lead of the Change Management Institute.

“[Governments] see now that change management is just as necessary as project management.” -Kim Moeller
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In this episode, you’ll learn:
7:55 Is the change management capability run out of the Human Resources division?
9:03 What are the ‘big levers’ of successful organisational change?
12:53 The spectrum of ICT and cultural change
23:13 How do comms people get a seat at the table when the strategy is being developed?

Content marketing can be used for both external and internal communications. Kim Moeller details how strong communications is fundamental in any form of change management or organisational reform.

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  1. Well said. Not being able to confidently outline what your boss or client will get in return for backing your proposal is a guarantee of failure. And quite right too.

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