#62 Director-General David Fricker on the value of information

#62 Director-General David Fricker on the value of information

David Fricker is the Director-General of the National Archives of Australia (NAA). David Fricker began his career at the Australian Customs Service before moving to the private sector. David worked on major Federal and ACT Government projects in defence, science, immigration, finance and health on information systems, strategic planning and project management. David joined the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) in 2002 as Chief Information Officer and later as Deputy Director-General. In 2012, David Fricker became the Director-General of the Archives to lead the digital archiving transformation. In 2014, David became the first Australian to be elected the President of the International Council on Archives.

This conversation explores the importance of archiving and how it relates to public sector communicators. With the Archives possessing an information asset of over AU$1.46 billion, David Fricker understands the value of information.

“Manage information like an asset because it is an asset. It creates a value for you.” -David Fricker
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In this episode, you’ll learn:
10:11 How well understood is the responsibility of archiving?
12:36 How can you successfully manage information so you can reap the rewards?
21:43 Why information is an asset and the benefits you receive if you manage it correctly
24:44 Australia’s level of archiving maturity and how Australia’s practices compare internationally
28:17 What can you do to help preserve the memory of the nation? (Hint: You perhaps have the most important job for the legacy of our country)

“Over time, the more you’re managing your information holdings as an asset, the more you see them delivering value for your organisation…” -David Fricker
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