118: Renee Noble on the power of data

Our CEO and InTransition host David calls her “one of the smartest young people in Australia” and he sure isn’t wrong. Our podcast guest this week is Renee Noble, a 25-year-old software engineer who is responsible for the algorithm behind Data61’s Ribit student-employer matchmaking platform. A self-confessed lifelong “nerd” and lover of all things mathematics, Renee shares some fascinating insights into the power of data, its huge potential to do good in this world and the importance of knowing your target audience – this week on InTransition.

Some of the topics covered this week are:

  • The power data has to make a positive contribution to our world;
  • Renee’s lifelong love affair with maths and science;
  • The significance of understanding your target audience and how data can help you do that;
  • Renee’s rather surprising views on metrics and measurement; and
  • The inextricable link between maths, science and effective communication.

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