#79 A case study in government communications with Grant Titmus

InTransition Podcast

Grant Titmus is Principal of the Melbourne division of Red Agency, a marketing communications consultancy. Grant has over a decade experience in media relations and communication. He recently ran the campaign ‘Never Leave Kids In Cars’ for the Victorian Government’s Department of Education and Training. Previously, Grant worked as a journalist for The Age and the South China Morning Post.

In this episode you’ll learn:

How journalism skills are useful in the communications industry
The difference between good and bad copy
How to get the story across quickly
Transitioning from journalism to PR
Acquiring strategic thinking skills
Attracting the right staff, mentoring and collaboration
How well is Government adapting to the transition in communications?
“Never leave kids in cars” – a government comms case study


Selected Links:

Download the transcript

Follow Grant Titmus on Twitter

Read the Never Leave Kids In Cars case study at the Red Agency website

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