Ep #10: One Woman, Managing Half a Million Social Media Followers – with Jenna Bradwell

Supporting an audience of over half a million people is a gigantic task, especially when you have such a diverse crowd following you. For the University of Sydney, this is the exact challenge they face daily; students, international visitors, alumni and academics all coming for a unique experience, what’s their social media management secret?

This week on GovComms, Jenna Bradwell, their Social Media Specialist, takes you behind the scenes of the University of Sydney’s social media channels and shares with us how she manages their entire social presence.

Sometimes less is more; a must listen for all social media managers and directors.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Building a social media skillset
  • Importance of knowing your audience and how to find out
  • Ways to get your whole organisation involved in content creation
  • How to control and listen to a large, diverse audience
  • Creating a strong social media presence, mastering one channel at a time
  • Skipping social media tools and measuring yourself, FOR FREE

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